This Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made by  ANTARES AMAZON LODGE S.A.C. The Antares Lodge hereby agree as fallows:

1. Property: The property is located on Pampa Caño creek along the Marañon river near Nauta in Loreto, Peru.

2. Antares Lodge: The Antares Lodge shall consist of Guest and Number of People, Number of Adults, and Number of Children as described in the attached Booking Confirmation

3. Rate and fees

a). Deposit: Deposit as described in the attached Booking Confirmation is required to reserve dates.  If credit card info is provided, Guest will be charged immediately for the Deposit.

b). Payment: Payment in full for Guest’s stay as described in the attached Booking Confirmation shall be due 30 days prior   to Guest’s stay.

4). Cancellation policy: If Guest wishes to cancel his/her reservation, the Deposit and Payment will be refunded as follows:

100% if cancelled 30 days prior to the Checkin Date

0% if cancelled less than 30 days prior to the Checkin Date

5). No Liability, Release, Acknowledgement of Risk: Guest and Antares Amazon Lodge acknowledge that there are many potential risks or dangers in the jungle, on the rivers, on excursions, or on the Property or premises at Antares Lodge. Antares Amazon Lodge S.A.C  is not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness of Guest or Party that occur while on the Property, its facilities, or during any excursions. Antares Lodge is not responsible for loss of personal belongings or valuables of Guest or Antares Lodge. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that Guest and Antares Lodge are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their stay with Antares Lodge or excursions.  Guest and Antares Lodge hereby release Antares Lodge and it’s owner and operator from any and all liability associated with their stay at Antares Amazon Lodge including transportation to and from, on the Property, and on excursions. To ensure safety, Guest and Party agree to abide by all rules, guidelines, and instructions given by Antares Lodge management, guides and staff, including those written, posted, and verbal. A specific Antares Lodge is assigned at time of reservation Antares Lodge reserves the right to change room assignments anytime before arrival due to weather conditions, repairs or unforeseen circumstances.

6). Insurance: We encourage all renters to purchase traveler insurance.

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