The founders of Amazon Antares Lodge are 2 brothers, Alan and Pepe who were born and live in Pampa-Caño village. They are cocama-cocamilla indigenous descendants who have deep roots in the village. They offer a broad knowledge and appreciation of both the local culture as well as the biological attributes of the upper Amazon basin.

Alan and Pepe’s mother and step father live in Pampa-Caño village. They descend from a large family of 12 children, Alan is the 11th child and Pepe being the youngest. After finishing primary school, they went on to study secondary school in a village called Miraflores to which they had to paddle a canoe early every morning.

There are no secondary schools in the smaller villages only in the larger villages. After finishing secondary school they moved to the city of Iquitos to study at the University. They studied to become Naturalist Guides as well as studying branches of biology. They dedicate their time working as Naturalist Guides as they have a lot of passion for nature since growing up in their village. They began this project in hopes to stop deforestation and bring tourism to Pampa-Caño village. Your visit is very important as it helps to protect the Amazon Rainforest.

Alan met his wife, Andrea at the age of 17. Together they have a son, Geraldino. Andrea was also born and raised in the cocama-cocamilla indigenous village of Pampa-Caño. She has always had a love and fascination for animals. She enjoys raising different species of animals that have been abandoned such as monkeys and birds.

Alan and Pepe form a great team because the rainforest is extremely important to them. They show each guest the marvels of the rainforest and will make you feel welcome as if you were their first guest in their new home.

They are proud natives of Pampa-Caño who love and live in the region. They are honored to be able to work with the local communities for the conservation and wide use of their land. They understand this may be your first and only trip to the Amazon River and Rainforest so they spare no expense to show you the wonders of their beloved habitat.


Amazon Antares Lodge is more than just a tourism business. We aspire to offer the best tourism program in the Amazon basin as part of our greater mission to conserve the most biodiverse site yet studied by biologists, in collaboration with the nearby indigenous community. By traveling with us you help us to fund the goals of our mission: Providing a high quality experience to our tourist guests, by assigning private guides, native to the region, who are educated, professional and friendly, offering the greatest diversity of excursions found in the Amazon and customizing itineraries to the needs and interests of each visitor. Protecting the conservation area (Area de Conservacion Regional Comunal Pampa Caño) through political, economic, scientific and community initiatives. Being a vital member of the indigenous community by building, supporting and helping to staff the finest rural clinic in the Amazon basin, conducting educational programs and offering scholarships for the native children and supporting sustainable economic initiatives that bring wealth to the community. Supporting and conducting scientific investigations of plants, animals and ecosystems. Promoting scientific and conservation education through programs for interns, school groups, interested visitors and the community.

Amazon Antares Lodge operates in the Amazon Basin, on the Pampa Caño creek, which is a tributary of the Amazon River in Peru. Our mission includes protecting the Amazon Rainforest through providing education, healthcare and jobs for the native population to encourage respect for their homes. We also have supported multiple researchers in our lodge for long term studies of the Amazon Rainforest. By utilizing our services, you are helping to preserve the region for the future. We promote the sustainable development of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest and River using ecotourism as a grassroots spearhead indicative in areas null of any outside influence or other travel companies.

Amazon Antares Lodge offers a variety of services such as : Serious bird watching, Extreme fishing, Jungle survival and Extended camping trips. We also operate in areas of high biodiversity and diverse ecosystems such as; high ground primary rainforest, seasonally flooded igapo forest, Amazon beaches and islands, black water lakes, palm swamps along with many eco-systems and National Reserves of Peru.


We are a company that really practice composting, use of low emission motors and solar panels. We dont use the phrase " green" or "eco" because it sells. We have a waste management program and everything goes where it belongs or is reused accordingly.

We work with several native communities that our guests can visit. All the communities are very content with our visits. We pay each community on a monthly basis to protect their communal lands and keep out commercial hunters and lumber companies. Not only is their communal forest intact also they receive visits of international guests interested in purchasing handicrafts from the producers themselves.

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